Vanya's Dream
Cast: Ivan Yashchuk currently works as a driver. He is also a keen yachter. He has lived in St Petersburg since 2009.

Crew: Ema Čulík, Andrey Belyakov, Olga Gureeva, Alexey Sibikin.

Ema Čulík is a young Scottish-Czech filmmaker currently based in St Petersburg, Russia. She studied Russian and French at Oxford University and then Film Directing at the Theatre Academy of St Petersburg. She has worked in the media and graphic fields from an early age. She is currently employed as an English teacher but is soon to continue her education in the UK.

Andrey Belyakov is a sound engineer and musician. He is a member of post/progressive rock band L-Dopha.

Olga Gureeva is a cameraman and makes recordings for theatre groups and musical ensembles.

Alexey Sibikin is a musician, sound and light technician. He is a member of post/progressive rock group L-Dopha. He has worked with Ema Čulík on all her film projects as both sound technician and cameraman.

Konstantin Melkozerov
did not take part in the Vanya's Dream project. He is, however, a very nice guy.
Director's Statement