Vanya's Dream
Vanya, a Ukrainian boy in his late twenties, gathers his life in a polkadot hanky and sets off for the big city. St Petersburg, centre of culture, mystery and communal flats. How is life treating him now that he has followed the stars to the north? Does magic truly live at the end of the rainbow?

St Petersburg is a magical, breathing, sprawling metropolis where the reflections of theatre lights glitter in the dark canal waters and rats run along the dusty night kerbs and the sun never sets and musicians and artists wander the streets. In this city it feels like anything can happen at any time and you are not surprised to encounter the bizarre and unusual. No wonder this place has a magical power that draws hundreds of youthful stargazers to settle in its crooked buildings. Our hero is one of them, come from the south in search of a New Life in the Big City. Vanya's Dream is a non-narrative short that delves into the life of  Vanya, who with glittering eyes recounts tales of what brought him here, what it meant to him to find himself here, and what characters and adventures he has met  with here. He sees beauty in everything, but particularly the messy and the personal. Dilapidation and disorder do not faze him, but rather enchant him.
Is it enough to see the beauty in life? Will his colourful view of the world lead him to fulfilment of the dream that brought him to Petersburg? Young people in Russia  today are the first generation for a hundred years that has had the freedom and choice and possibilities to do any thing they want. But what is it that they want? Do they know? And will they ever know how to achieve it?
Director's Statement